Get into the wild.

It’s easy to get into the wild in Orlando North, from mountain biking through untouched wilderness areas to kayaking on pristine rivers. Many outdoor enthusiasts choose to be their own guide and bring their own gear. But there are also many guided eco-tours available, including kayaking, wildlife watching and the ever-popular airboat ride. Because airboats can venture into shallow water, they provide a fascinating view of wildlife, not to mention an exciting ride filled with sweeping twists and turns. 

You’ll find many tours that let you explore Lake Jesup, which spans ten thousand acres, is 100,000 years old and is famed to have the largest population of alligators of any lake in North America. Lake Jesup flows into the St. Johns River, another immensely historic body of water, which is Florida’s longest river and was home to the Timucua Indians thousands of years ago. Another eco-tour not to be missed is a paddle down the Wekiva River, one of only two National Wild & Scenic Rivers in the entire state of Florida. The Wekiva holds this honor for its outstanding scenery, recreation, geology, fish and wildlife.


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