Limo Cycle Tours

The Limo Cycle is the limousine of party cycles. It’s a 15-passenger, pedal powered party. It is THE vehicle that adds to your pub crawl, bachelor / bachelorette party, birthday party, dinner tour, ghost tour, or team building event. So grab up to 14 of your friends, or workmates and hop on the SLOWEST way to have a good time. You can sing and dance to your favorite tunes, play games, tell stories and see the coolest venues in historic downtown Sanford.

Every ride is unique and customizable to where we go and what we do based on your input. Bring your own tunes, play one of our group games, stop for food or drinks, or just enjoy the outdoors. You’ll feel good about saving the environment as The Limo Cycle uses no fossil fuels. This cycle is powered entirely by you.

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Limo Cycle Tours

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                        The Pirates Treasure Escape Adventure

                        Drink, Pedal, Think Trivia Tour