Get involved with increasing tourism.

We here at Orlando North, Seminole County Tourism are dedicated to increasing tourism in our county and helping attractions, hotels, restaurants and other tourism-related businesses benefit in every way possible. We invite you to stay informed and get involved through the information provided in this partner section. If you require additional information, simply send us a request.

Funding the growth of tourism in Orlando North.

The Tourist Development Tax, nicknamed the “bed tax,” is a local sales tax that applies exclusively to the rental of living quarters or accommodations for a term of six months or less. The money collected from this tax is used to promote Orlando North, which creates more tourism, which creates more bed tax revenues, and so on. So you can see, this is a self-sustaining process that increases tourism and makes a positive economic impact in our community.

Orlando North Economic Development

If your business is interested in relocating to Orlando North, click here.

CVB Staff

Guilherme "Gui" Cunha
Tourism Director
Ph: (407) 665-2901
C: (407) 613-9350

Danny Trosset
Director of Sports Tourism
Ph: (407) 665-2902
C: (407) 919-8923

Jennifer Durr
Management Support Specialist
P: (800) 800-7832
C: (407) 665-2900
F: (407) 665-2920

Karen Aplin
Tourism Marketing Coordinator
P: (407)-665-7134

David Broussard
Sports Business Development Manager
P: (407)-665-2081