Chad Crawford Indulges His Creative Spirit in Seminole County

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Chad Crawford Indulges His Creative Spirit in Seminole County

Chad Crawford of How to do Florida grew up in Seminole County. Needless to say, he has a lot of history with the place. To no surprise, Chad loves exploring the rich history, arts and culture whenever he gets a chance.

Artists thrive in Seminole County, and it’s easy to read the writing on the wall when visiting the many galleries and shows here. View the excellent works at Gallery on First, Jeanine Taylor Folk Art, Indie Craft Exchange, String Theory Creations, as well as the frequent arts & crafts events that occur throughout the year. Many of the works are for sale and make for unique gifts for friends, family and you to enjoy.

Speaking of great buys, wonderfully eclectic antique shops dot Seminole County and provide some of the best shopping you’ll find in Central Florida. Walking through the Washburn Imports or the Adjectives Market for beautifully crafted furniture and décor is a must.

History buffs and architecture enthusiasts can get their fix with the many historic districts throughout the county. From Victorian houses to museums like the Museum of Seminole County History to the beautifully restored Vaudeville Theater (which is now the beloved Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center), there’s a lot to see and experience.

No matter what you’re interested in, those with a creative spirit will discover something to love in Seminole County.