Have you ever wanted to eat some authentic food from your culture, but don’t know where to get it from? Have you ever traveled more than an hour to go to your favorite restaurant?

Well this is the dilemma that inspired this new Colombian restaurant. Owners, Andres & Karina started Medellin Burger in Altamonte Springs, to add some Latino flavor to Seminole county. Medellín Burger is a Colombian inspired restaurant with traditional authentic flavors from the heart of Colombia.

Medellin is a city in Colombia known for its street food and exotic culture. When walking into this restaurant you definitely will feel like you have just entered into the city. Just like the restaurant’s name, I had to check out the Medellin Burger. It consists of A Homemade beef patty, bacon, (fried plantain) toston, avocado , caramelized onion, mayo ketchup sauce,potato sticks and coleslaw. This burger screams Colombian and is delectable.

This dish presented here is called Bandeja Paisa. If Colombia had a main dish it would be this one right here. It’s Rice, red beans, Colombian sausage, fried pork belly, skirt steak, avocado, sunny side up egg, yellow plantains and arepa.

In Colombia, there are many creative dishes that involve fruit like these two desserts right here.

Fruit salad

Papaya, banana, pineapple, grapes, watermelon, cantaloupe, mango, strawberry, apple toppings, with handmade whipped cream, shredded cheese, shredded coconut, condensed milk, and the ice cream flavor of choice.

I have never had cheese, fruit, and ice cream all in one bite but, but crazy enough, this extreme fruit salad is actually pretty tasty!


Fruit Salad Drink

Papaya, banana, pineapple, grapes, watermelon, cantaloupe, mango, strawberry, apple toppings,with handmade whipped cream, shredded coconut. (Optional, but recommended toppings) condensed milk, and ice cream flavor of choice.

There are plenty of other traditional plates available at Medellin Burger, and the prices are reasonable too! If driving through the Altamonte Springs Area, this place is definitely a hidden gem waiting to be discovered!


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