With summer in full sizzle-mode, finding outdoor activities that don’t include a complete meltdown can be a challenge.

Enter something I call “spring-hopping” – basically, you pick a few springs and hop from one to another…to another!

In Florida, we’re known for our beaches, and for good reason. But one of my favorite things about Florida is that we have springs, which are fed by the aquifer and stay at a cool 72 degrees year-round. Tell me that doesn’t sound amazing in the heat of the Florida summer!

My family and I love to go “spring-hopping.” We pick 2 or 3 springs (that are relatively near one another) and go to all of them in one day. We plan our route, then we pack our equipment and lunches and set off for a day of spring-hopping!

Before you up and go, let me make a few suggestions:

1. Where to go:

Destination is important (obviously). Whether you live in Central Florida or not, the springs in and around Seminole County are a must-do. Here are a few I enjoy visiting on our spring-hopping trips:

Blue Spring State Park is just outside of Seminole County in neighboring Volusia County. With more than 2,600 acres that include campgrounds, cabins, picnic areas, and of course, springs, there is plenty to do with your family! But remember that you can only swim during designated swimming season (hint: we’re in swimming season now!). Visit their website for more information.

Wekiva Springs State Park is beautiful and versatile. We love swimming in the cool springs, but there are also trails for hiking and you can rent a canoe to explore the Wekiva River! Visit their website for more information.

Wekiva Island is your one-stop shop for adventure and relaxation. You can sit next to the Wekiva River, canoe down it, or swim in it! You can also enjoy daily drink specials and a delicious menu. Visit their website for more information.

 2. Equipment to bring:

Having the proper gear will enhance your springs experience. So many people asked me what they should bring, that I put together a video with practical pointers to help:

3. Where to stay when you’re done, because you will be worn out!

You’re definitely going to be exhausted when you’ve spent a day at multiple springs! If you start at Green Springs Park and hop over to Wekiva Springs State Park, then end your day at Wekiva Island, you’ll be ready to call it a day.

Instead of driving all the way to wherever you call home, consider staying in a B&B, like Higgins House in downtown Sanford, or the many relaxing hotel options in Seminole County after your long day in the sun. You’ve already made a day of it, so why not spend a relaxing evening exploring a town you don’t normally visit? That beats making the drive home!

I hope this gives you some solid tracks to run on. Now get out there and Do florida!
Chad Crawford