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All About Pollinators Seminar by Lukas Nursery

Can you name the different pollinators that visit your garden? What about the plants and the mechanisms they use to attract different types of pollinators? There is a lot of information to be uncovered about the fundamental role pollinators play in maintaining ecological balance and food production.
Join us on Saturday, March 23rd at 10 am for a seminar on attracting pollinators to your garden, as well as some pollinator conservation tips, and organic gardening practices that help protect our pollinators.
Whether you’re fascinated by the aesthetic beauty bees and butterflies provide your garden or you’re interested in the science and impact on the ecosystem pollinators have, this seminar will provide you with everything you need and more.
Lukas Nursery is an Oviedo – Orlando based plant nursery that is dedicated to creating local educational opportunities, not only benefiting pollinators but also nurturing the broader agricultural landscape.
Tickets REQUIRED. Limited table seating available.


Mar 23 2024


10:00 am

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