Liminal Space

Casselberry Arts Center presents Liminal Space, an exhibition of artwork from artists Bobby Aiosa and Anthony Mancuso.

You are invited to the opening reception for Liminal Space, an exhibition of work from artist Bobby Aiosa and Anthony Mancuso at the Casselberry Arts Center on September 13 from 6-9 PM.

Artists Anthony Mancuso and Bobby Aiosa are interested in portraying, the complexities of our built environment and how these designed spaces, public and private, impact our daily lives. Both artists are interested in exploring the activity within the threshold of domestic and public lives and how one can influence the other.

Anthony Mancuso’s paintings focus on visualizing the psychology of everyday domestic scenes of co-habitation through the lens of multiple points of view, askew perspective, and saturated colors.
By conflating historical design movements and architectural motifs with familial and organic objects, Bobby Aiosa’s sculptural architectural fragmentations reflect on the past lives that once occupied these spaces, and how constant urban redevelopment can bring these once concealed histories to the surface.

Both artists utilize the influence of structural form, organic shape, and hue as a tool to convey an underlying consequence behind the imagery and objects presented. Behind the colorful façade of our designed spaces there are more complex stories beyond what the passive viewer may discern within our everyday environments.

Exhibition on view September 13 – December 13.

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Sep 13 2024


9:00 am - 4:00 pm

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