Ritz Flix: Beetlejuice

Tim Burton’s “Beetlejuice” follows the story of Barbara and Adam Maitland, who become ghosts after dying in a car accident and struggle to scare off the new owners of their home, the Deetz family with the help of Lydia, the spirited daughter of the family. The film features a mischievous bio-exorcist named Beetlejuice, a mischievous bio-exorcist, whose antics add a layer of chaos and hilarity to the narrative. As the summer unfolds, alliances are formed, secrets are revealed, and unexpected friendships blossom amidst the supernatural mischiefs. In partnership with the City of Sanford.  $5 cash/credit at the door Theater members receive free Ritz Flix admission


Jul 18 2024


7:30 pm - 9:25 pm



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Ritz Theater
201 S. Magnolia Avenue, Sanford, FL
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