Most of us want at least a little adventure in our lives, but want to safely minimize risk. That’s why ziplining is such a popular activity. You can get the adrenaline going while testing your endurance, strength and balance — all the while knowing that you are helmeted, harnessed in, tethered to cables — and completely safe.

Seminole Aerial Adventures, one of the finest zipline facilities in Central Florida, promises a few hours of energizing outdoor fun. The attraction, part of the Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens complex, is located on the Lake Monroe waterfront in Historic Downtown Sanford.

If you’ve never been ziplining, here’s what to expect: Looking out from that first platform can definitely make you take pause. But then you push off and feel a sudden adrenaline rush as you start to relish the feeling of flying, the view, the breeze in your face. You loosen up and enjoy the ride, knowing that several more await. We dare you not to smile — or whoop and holler!

Zipping down wires through trees and foliage is just part of the Seminole Aerial Adventures experience. Courses also include making your way across rope bridges with wooden steps, and traversing single cables, trapeze swings, ladders and lots more. They’re called “elements,” and they’re your ticket to getting a lot of air!

Seminole Aerial Adventures features three courses, one of which adds real family-friendliness:

  • Youngsters can take on the Kids’ Course, which has been designed just for them. It includes two easy ziplines, 22 elements and one sky swing. It takes 45 minutes to an hour to complete. Kids must be at least age 5 and 36-60 inches tall. As parents or grandparents, you’ll stand back and watch the child have a blast. We dare you not to smile.
  • The Upland Course is designed for adventurers of all ability levels. It has seven ziplines and 15 elements, and takes roughly 90 minutes to finish. Participants must be at least 54 inches tall.
  • The Rainforest Course will test your body and mind with 13 ziplines and 33 elements. It usually takes about two-and-a-half hours. You’ll have completed the Upland Course to reach the Rainforest (and if you signed up for the Upland and want to continue into the Rainforest, you can do so for an extra fee).

Now about that safety:

Courses and equipment are inspected daily to ensure optimal safety. All visitors to Seminole Aerial Adventures get a quick training session at the Harness House before they head out. A trained guide provides instructions on how to put on your harness, how to clip on carabiners, how to navigate the course, and how to get the best out of this outdoor experience. Helmets and gloves are required, and supplied at no additional cost. Aerial adventurers must wear closed-toe athletic shoes.

And more about health and safety:

As is the case with most attractions, the coronavirus has required operators to add extra protocols to ensure that you can enjoy the experience knowing that the facility has your health and safety top of mind. All guests and staff are required to wear a face covering in the Harness House briefing area during training. However, face coverings are not required while you’re out on the course.

The six-foot rule of social distancing applies during the briefing session and out on the course. Only one person at a time is permitted on each platform or obstacle. Groups are capped at eight people and everyone must arrive together. Participants must sanitize their hands before wearing their assigned gloves. Hand-washing stations are available before and after your aerial escapade. Click here for a detailed rundown of health and safety protocols.

At this time, you have to buy dated and time-stamped tickets in advance. Seminole Aerial Adventures prides itself on affordability. One TripAdvisor reviewer simply put it this way: “The whole experience was a great bang for the buck.”
Your flight time awaits.

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